Want a better and healthy lifestyle? Then it's for you.

Tips for better health

In these days who don't want to live a healthy lifestyle? But everyone thinks that, to spend a healthy lifestyle mean you have to go to the gym or you have to follow some worst diet plan that you don't like. So, you lazy people don't worry we guys got you. We will tell you some easy and simple tips which you can follow to spend a healthy lifestyle. If you are to lazy to read this then forgot about spend a healthy lifestyle.

Everybody likes bed tea. Who does not like bed tea. But , did you guys know that you killing yourself everyday little by little. Yes, you read it right. Drinking bed tea is herm for you body. If you can't stop it completely then keep a gap of one day. Then slowly increase the amount of gaps. Else you close for very bad health condition.

We all knows that water is good for our health. Yes, it's great for our health. But drinking to much water in a single day can lead you to death. Drinking more than six liter water in a single day can cause you death. So, be carefull when drinking too much water. Let's go forward.

3.A cup of coffee can kill you if it's the 75th cup of the day. Yes, you read it right again. Drinking to much of coffee can kill you. So, don't drink too much coffee of your favorite brand.

4.Here comes the turn of everyone's favorite thing chocolate. Sorry for the heart break. But you have to accept it. 56 bar of chocolate could cause you death. So, be careful when eating the most chocolaty chocolate of the planet!!!

5.Here comes some important tips-
A) don't drink milk after eating animal protine.
B) don't eat fruits at night.
C) don't eat food before going to bed. At least complete your dinner one hour before going to sleep.
D) don't take bath at night, it will slow down your digest process.

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