Wanna be fit then don't ignore this.

Health tips for everyday life

are you wanna be to fit and fine?are you don't wanna going to doctor?If want this So you have to read this article to it's end.

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At present, people can not be stay without medicine for a second. If medicine is stopped for one day, about 30% of the world's population will die.Now people are addicted to medicine.Even we cannot recovery without medicine from small diseases.The people of the past era they can  survived without medicine, but we can not do it.We have to think that If they could, why we can't?We have to find secret to stay fit and fine.So we made routine for you to stay fit and fine.So here it is-
The best time to eat
●Breakfast-The best time to eat breakfast is 7-8am in the morning.It should not be after 10am.Remember one thing take your breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up.
●Launch-The best time to taking lunch is 12:30 pm to 2 pm.Do not be there after 3pm.Also remember that The duration between breakfast and launch will be 4 hours.
●Dinner-The best time to taking your dinner is 6pm to 9pm in the evening.Do not be there after 10pm and remember that you have to complete your dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.
Now we will give you some important tips about health.

●Receive phone in the left ear.
●Do not drink medicines with cold water.
●Do not eat heavy food after 4pm.
●Drink more water in the morning. Less comparisons in the night.
●The best sleep time is Sleep from 10am to 6am.
●It is best not to use the phone while the phone is charging low.
●When you charging your don't receive any call because at that time the radiation of the phone is more than 1000 times.
●Do not eat medicine after eating.At least 15 minutes after eating you can take your medicine.
●After taking hevvy food not be lied down and please keep away phone as you can.

So this some important tips health.If you follow this tips you will be fit and fine.
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