The Signs That You Konw The Girl Love's You

Are loved someone and you want to know that is she loved you or not?then this the best article for you.This article will help you to know that is she loved your or not.So let's start Some we have proposed someone and waiting for her reply but she doesn't reply her a answer to you then you will confused that she Love's you or not.On the other hand Sometimes we feel for someone but we can't propose her because of fear and also we can't tell her that if she reject you and sometimes we can't propose her because she is your friend.Now i will tell you some points and briefly discuss this.I hope it will be helpful for you.
So the first point is 1.Start The Conversation-She will start conversation with you.Generally girls are not start the conversation with someone but when she feels for someone then she will be start the conversation. 2.Make Time's For You-She will manage the time for you at any time.If you asked her that she is free or not then she well be told you that she free if she Love's you then. 3.Avoid Her Friend-She will be avoid her friend when she feel for you.She will less talk with her friends.She spend less time with her friend.even she avoid her best friend also. 4.Blushes Her Face-If a girl Love's someone then if the guy is around her then she blushed.If Someone talk about him then she blushes even if someone took the guy name she will be blushes. 5.Get Jealous-She will be get jealous.If she see that you talking with the other girl she wil be get jealous.If her friend talking about she will be jealous.If seat with other girl she will be jealous. 6. Catches Your Eyes-She will looking you for time.Looking into your eyes for long time. 7.She will be asked a lot of thing about like what is your future plan,what your favorite dish,what is favorite actor ,what is date of birth,what is favorite singer,what is favorite color,what you love to do the most etc. 8.All Support For You-She will be support you for any situation any time you need she will be there for you.When she support you she will not see that your right ya wrong just she support you. 9.She Wants More Of Your Time-Yes she is love to spend time with you.She will be asked to spend time with her. 10.Loves To Share Her Food-She will Love's to share her any food to you. 11.She Tells You-She will be love to talk with you.she will share all of her story.Like what is gone through with his life.She tells her all the happy and bad moment to you.Like everything of her life . 12.Childish Act-When she is with or in fornt of you she act like childish.Thats she doesn't anything generally kid are do. So this all the signs when a girl loved you.So check it out.It will help you to find your love. Written By-Sohel
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